This site is dedicated to each and every one of us. The topics submitted here are meant to bring about awareness, as well as solutions. They are subjects that affect all of us as members of the human race. Please read and give your voice in issues where We The People are needed and in turn we will give voice to your issues.

Whether you are here to submit your program or view quality live programs, archives, independant movies, web-cams and much more geared to keep you in your seat. Be thee student, litigant, or lawyer, help dye self. You will find links and contact information for media, legal and government institutions. Educate yourself on our most recent issues and voice your opinions here so we can all help each other.

If you're in need of products or services find them here. This site is for those of us who have something of value to offer but no avenue to exercise it. It's for all of us who are still dreaming of seeing our own words in print and published. Life is like a game of jump-rope. We don't choose when to jump in... or where... But before we know it, we will jump out again, and life goes on as before without ever missing a beat. The Book of Life is meant to document our existence. Editorial comments by the president of The Make A Difference Net.

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